Poetry about Life (English)

1. “The Hole”

Someone pushed me into this hole,

It hurt at first, 

I got bruises in my head.

But then, I feel comfortable with the pain.

Everyone doesn’t live in their own decision only.

It’s like you need someone to hit a mosquito in your hands,

Not to hurt you, 

but to make you safe from the mosquito’s sting .

That’s what I feel right now.

At first, I think I’ve been forced to stay in the wrong direction ,

But now I know, God has written a better plan for me.

Not to make me cry, but happy.

To make me learn more about life, and be mature.

2. “It’s raining tonight”

It’s raining so hard tonight.

There was a 3 year old girl crying.

Running to her mother’s room.

Hugging her very tight.

She was afraid of rain.

It’s raining again tonight.

This girl was 13 now.

She’s still the same, afraid of the rain.

But too shy to come to her mother,

To hug her like she did when she was little.

It’s also raining tonight.

The girl was already 18.

Living in her dorm.

Hugging her bolsters tightly

She was afraid.

But too far to get a hug from her mother.

Rain comes again tonight.

This girl turned to 21 and she was back home.

Now she can hug her mother very tight like she did when she was 3.

She is crying.

The hug is not as warm as she knows.

It’s cold.

Her heart hurts.

She regrets everything and continues crying.

3. “Red Roses”

They are such a red roses,

Beautiful and fragrant.

Everybody loves them. 

But one thing other doesnt know is that,

Every rose has its thorn.

So do with the red ones, 

which have been hurting myself.

4. “Is this meant by friendship?”

What is friendship?

Is friendship meant we get along with everyone?

And we became close

Even we know there are so many  differences we have?

I cannot understand everything about it.

Friendship is like something nonsense.

You see me as a weird thing,

You force me to be your duff,

You forget me and throw me as a trash everytime you meet other who’s better than me.

Then, why do you call me as your bestfriend

when you don’t like our differences?

Then, why do you stand beside me when your heart does not truly like me?

I’m in pain.

I really want to leave

Not to see you again.

But my heart force me to stay.

I know it hurts.

No matter how bad you treat me.

It cannot change the fact that I love you, 

With this one sided love, 

you will always be my best bestfriend ever.

@ All Rights Reserved

Originally made by Fajriah. Copying is not allowed.


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