Love Poetry Collections

I’m not a good poetry writer, so sorry if the diction, the message, the rhyme, etc are not really good enough to read. But Enjoy 😁😁😁! 


– One of the poetry is in Bahasa Indonesia.

– Originally made by me, Fajriah. Copying is not allowedπŸ‘.

1. “Beautiful Thursday Morning”

When the thursday morning comes

With kind of shy sunshine still hiding behind the cloud.

The day seems so bright,

A girl with glasses walking down the street with smile in her face.

Doesn’t expect everything about her day.

She sits alone, and feels the weather.

Then, this girl looks confused, and walks inside a room.

Her heart beats suddenly

It’s like an earthquake has attacked her body.

The man who sits at the front desk in the room staring at her.

gives the best smiles he could,

The smiles that she adores for a long time.

She smiles back to him.

But then, the rains come down to her face.

Oh, Mom, I have just started. 

My dream isn’t over yet.

2. “Can I be Alice?”

I really adore the story of Alice in Wonderland.

It’s like I want to be her so bad ,

A girl with such a challanging yet beautiful dream.

Not this kind of extreme nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be the same story.

Maybe like, team up with you against Jabberwocky in Frabjous Day.

Can I?

3. “Broken Glass”

Few years ago, we were very close.

You were my mirror and I was your mirror.

Time flies so fast.

You have found your new mirror, and broken the old one into this broken glass.

Have you ever asked for what I feel?

I’m completely broken.

You call me as a devil because I hurt anyone,

But you dont even know what I feel deeply inside.

I’m completely broken.

I’m just a piece of broken glass which makes your feet bleeding.

Have you ever thought my heart is bleeding too?

Have you ever known who is the cause of this ?

You will never know

Because your new mirror has taught you to look straight ahead.

Until you dont even realize that you step on me, 

your old mirror which has changed into this piece of broken glass.

4. “Someone Else”

When I don’t know what to do

Going somewhere may be a good choice.

But it will not be the best decision.

Do you know what the best decision in my life?

It’s letting you go with another.

Because I know and realize

Happiness is not always about me, myself, and I

My happiness may be about to  let you be happy with someone else.

5. “YOU”

Blue sky, ocean waves

Flock of birds flyin

Group of geese swimming in the river.

That’s what I miss

Raindrops, the smell of red roses 

White rabbits jumpin around,

The blows of wind coolin my hair

That’s what I love

Big storms, Earthquake 

Fires burning my knees,

Knives cutting my hand.

That’s what I’m afraid of

When it comes to you,

It changed.

You have stolen all the feelings of me.

The feelings of missing you,

Loving you, 

And being afraid of losing you.

6. “Aku adalah Diam”

Diam bukanlah kata

Dan bukan juga aksi

Seperti motor, ia memiliki mesin

Tapi bukan mobil.

Ia memiliki dua roda,

Tapi bukan juga sepeda.

Namun, ada satu hal yang berbeda.

Satu-satunya hal yang kutahu tentangmu,

Kau lebih menyukai motor dibanding diam.

Karena diam adalah semu,

Tak pernah bisa kau lihat, 

Terlebih lagi kau rasakan.

Seperti aku, yang tak pernah kau anggap ada.

Karena aku hanyalah diam, 

Yang tak tertangkap oleh indra.

7. “Late Night”

It’s late late night

And I really want to sleep, 

But still, I cannot close my eyes

I keep thinking of you the whole night.

Building uncertain imagination about us.

Telling the future that you are the only one that I want. 

It’s late late night.

And I’m really really tired.

But still, I can’t get you out of my mind.

I keep remembering your smiles you gave.

Even I know that it’s not for me.

Once, I’m trying to kill every memories about you.

Being regret that I’m falling too deep for you.

But still, I can’t push my self to forget you.

Even I realize that you don’t even notice me.

8. “Bicycle”

Riding my motorcycle around the city

Seeing you in the front of a store

Making my heart beaten unstopably

Smiling all the way home.

Only looking at your back,

But I’m sure it’s you.

Watching you leave the store with your lovely bicycle.

Hoping I can cycling around with you.

But unfortunately I can’t 

I’m not capable to stand beside you.

Imagining about it, every day and every night.

But I still can’t, because…

I don’t have bicycle.

9. “Give them back to me”

Why do you steal my words?

Words which I have made for years.

Words which I made only for him, not for you.

Why do you take them?

The words that I arranged for years only to make him laugh for me.

Haven’t you realize that my happiness is about to see him smile because of me?

Can you give back to me? 

Can you turn back the time and give me the words you stole?

I need them to make him smile and laugh.

Not because of you, but me.


10. “Waiting”

It’s 12:38 am now. 

And I’m still awake. 

Whispering my wishes.

Waiting for you to say good night.


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