The Characteristics of a Good Student

The Characteristics of a Good Student

Brainstorming: -Listing

  • Come to class early
  • Doing tasks well
  • Self-discipline
  • Listen to the teacher
  • Obey/ follow the school rules
  • Good attitude
  • Greet the teacher when they meet
  • Greet the friends when they meet
  • Respect others’ property
  • Do not make noise
  • Active participation
  • Punctuality
  • Creative
  • Responsibility
  • Self-motivated
  • Willingness to study
  • Love reading
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Honesty
  • High curiousity

Four Characteristics of a Good Student

            Being a good student is a desire for every student. Many students think that become a good student is only about getting high grade. This wrong assumption has been believed by most of them for a long time. Actually, these are some characteristics or qualities that every student should have if he/ she wants to be a good student: self-discipline, respect others’ property, honesty, and high-curiousity.

            The first characteristic that every student should have is self-discipline. Students who have high self-discipline will always respect their time very much and consider it as a precious thing. They will always manage their time as well as possible, so that it will not waste for something unimportant. At home, they will carefully divide their time for doing their school assignments and also time for their own selves and their family. For example, good students usually wake up at 05:00, and then take a bath, go pray, etc. At 06: 30, they have been ready to go to school. At school time, students who have high self-discipline always come to class early, do their task well, listen carefully to the teacher’s explanation, and follow the school rules. After they go home, they will spend a little of their time to take a break, so that they will be ready to do another thing. In the afternoon, they will make it as a family time. At night, they will go back to their role as students and do their assignments well even though the assignments will not be collected tomorrow. They will also sleep early, so that they will not wake up late.

            The second important characteristic is high-curiousity. No one will be success in studying if he/ she does not have high-curiousity. This characteristic helps students to increase their motivation and also willingness to learn. Students who have high-curiousity will not stop learning and will not easily satisfy with the knowledge they have now. They will always think that they are not smart enough, so that they will always feel thirsty with new knowledge and push themselves to be better and better. For example, in learning English, if they find new words which they do not know the meaning of, they will directly open dictionary to get the explanation. If they think it is not enough, they will look for it on books, or browse on internet.

            The third important characteristic is honesty. A good student will always put honesty in the high-esteem. Honesty in the context of school is like not cheating, do the tasks by their own selves. A good student realizes that to be a good one in the school is not about how high grade you have, but it is about how much honest effort you do in learning. For example, before final examination, a good student will push his/ herself to learn, so that they will be ready and able to answer all of the questions correctly without cheating to their friends. A good student will regard cheating as a taboo thing which should not be done anywhere. At home and environment, a good student will always talk honestly to everyone.

            The last important characteristic of a good student is respecting others’ property. Everyone wants to be treated well, so do with his/ her property, such as their books, bag, pen, pencil, etc. A good students will always respect his/ her friend and teachers’ property and also help them to keep it. Those things were done because a good student realizes that if he/ she wants to be treated well, especially for his/ her properties in this case, so he/ she would do it first. Many students now think that making a joke to their friends by doing bad things such as hiding their friends’ books, hanging their friends’ bag on the wall, etc, as a usual thing. They do not realize such things are considered as a bullying. Different with a good student, a good student will treat their friends well, and will not do such bad things. They will think that if they want to do fun things with their friends, there will be another thing to do, such as telling funny stories, singing a song together, etc.

            In conclusion, self-discipline, respecting others’ property, honesty, and high-curiousity are some of the keys to be a good student. If you want to be the one, you should force yourself to be better and try to reform your behavior and attitude into a good one, or even the best one. “Nothing is impossible,” so every student can be a good student if he/ she always work hard and try hard.

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