Teaching Listening Strategies

by: Fajriah

         Listening is one of the language skills that must be mastered by English learners. In teaching listening, the teacher should use interesting strategies in order to make the students enjoy being in the class. These are several fun strategies in teaching of listening: Simon Says, English Whispers, and Listen and Draw Game.

            The first super fun teaching listening strategy is Simon Says.  Simon says is a classic game that works really well as a fun classroom activity in exercising listening skill, especially for young learners. It is a part of Total Physical Response (TPR) method. It is played by choocing one person to give commands (to be Simon) and the others to obey the commands (to be the listeners). Although this game has many different names around the world, but the rules are still the same.

            The second strategy of teaching listening is English whispers. English whispers is an adapted version of a classic game “Chinese whispers”. This game is also sometimes called as whisper race. It is played by putting the students in a line, and whispering words, phrases, or sentence to one student, and that student whispers it to another student at front of him/ her. The last student should say aloud what words, phrases, or sentence she/ he heard. Actually, this game could make the class a little more crowded, but it doesn’t if it is used once in order to make the class more fun.

            The last strategy in teaching listening is Listen and Draw game. Listen and draw is a fun game whch involves verbal direction. It involves one person who gives direction about what to draw, and the others who will draw based on the instruction. The one who give direction for listen and draw is usually a teacher, and the ones who will draw are students. This advantage of this game is that it really helps the teacher in identifying students’ listening problems.

            In conclusion, in teaching English, especially teaching listening, the teacher should be smart and creative in modifying the best teaching listening strategy. Simon says, English whispers, and Listen and Draw game are some of the examples of teaching listening strategies which have been proven in helping teachers teach his/ her class, and also in improving students’ listening ability.


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