An Old Book : Sudden Death


Please, kindly read my first short story. This is an unedited story, so there will be so many grammatical errors on it. Thank you. ~Fajriah


Old Mystery Book

Ruby found an old book at her grandfather’s library. The book always sent bad and scary messages to Ruby’s family.

Today, Ruby did not have any after-school activities, she came back early. After she came home, she immediately went to her room and laid down her body to bed. Then, she turned on the TV and changed from one channel to another channel. She felt bored with all of the programs that only showed something nonsense from the Government.

“It seems that the bald man have dominated all of the televisions now,” Ruby grumbled.

She decided to go to the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and there was only some pies that she made with her mom last night.

“The destiny of a child from workaholic family, huh, good topic for essay. It’s better to go to grandpa’s house,” Ruby said while she thought about the delicious Pizza that her grandpa, Mr. Truman, usually made.

When she got in front of her grandfather’s house, she knocked the door, but no one seemed to open it. Then, she tried to push the door and evidently, it didn’t locked.

“I think he goes out and forgot to lock it,” Ruby said as she went into the house.

After she was inside, she was shocked to see the house was very messy. It looked like something bad had been happened there.

“Oh my God, What happened?, Grandpa, where are you?,” Ruby shouted.

With tears, she ran around the house to look for her grandpa. Her eyes stared at a place where no one had entered except her grandpa.

“The library,” said Ruby.

She came in to the library,

“Grandpaaaaaa,” shouted Ruby.

She found her grandpa was dead in the messy library with an old book in his arms.

“Grandpa, what happened to you? Wake up, please, wake up. I need you. We still need you. Wake up.” She cried loudly.

Suddenly, she heard a strange voice come from one of the bookcases. She tried to look for the sound and said,

“Who are you? Come out. What did you do to him?” She pointed towards her grandpa.

“Ruby. It was me, Mr. Truman. I have done all of my works here. I must go back to my house, dear. You should always take of yourself and your family,” said her grandpa.

“No! What are you doing there? Where are you? Go back to your body and show yourself,” said Ruby.

She looked very confused and scary.

“Your house is here, with me, with us, your family.” She continued.

“Every human will die at the time, Ruby. So do I. I have finished everything here. Take that book and keep it. I know you are worthy for it. Good bye, Ruby.” Said her grandpa.

She wiped her tears and took the book.


Day After Grandpa’s Funeral

One day after her grandfather’s funeral, Ruby’s still mourning and shut herself at her room. She took the old book that had been given by her grandpa and said

“What does he mean I am worthy for this book?”

She opened the book and it was empty.

“What is this? It’s empty. What is his purpose give me this book? He ask me to write? He knows I don’t like writing. I am not good at it.”

Ruby increasingly confused because of it. She put the book back to the table, and go out from her room. She looked her mom prepared to work,

“Hi, dear, you have woke up? I have made your favourite soup in the kitchen, so you can eat it,’ said her mom.

“Wait, Mom. Where do you want to go? This is Sunday, a day after grandpa’s death and you want to go to work?,” Ruby said.

“I have an appointment with my client today, Ruby. I cannot cancel it. Please, understand mom, dear.”

“But I need you here, mom. I need your time.”

She sat at the chair and cried. Her mother tried to calm her, but she did not have much time for it.

“OK, Ruby. Your dad will be back next month, and we will have holiday. So, don’t worry, we will have more time to be together next month. I have to go now. I love you, dear.”

She kissed Ruby’s cheeks and left for working.


Scary Note

Until night, Ruby kept thinking about the book that her grandpa gave to her. She’s still confused about what the purpose of her grandpa’s words is. Tuesday night came, she’s still thinking about it.

“Uh, perhaps, Grandpa asked me to write on this book. It’s good to try,” said Ruby.

She took the book and then, opened the page one She shocked looking the book that is exactly empty before, filled with one scariest word.

“D-E-A-T-H, death? What does it mean?”

Ruby threw the book away with fears.

“I remember when the first time I open this book. It was blank. No one else come to my room lately,”

She tried to look around and no one else in her room, except herself. With fears, she jumped out from her room and gone to her mom. She hug her mom so tight.

“Ruby, what are you doing? I have finished all of these tonight.” Said her mom madly.

She tried to be brave herself go back to the room. She laid down her body to bed and then, she gone to sleep.


Dad is Home

A month later, Ruby’s Dad came home, she welcomed her dad with smile.

“Hey, daddy’s little girl. How was your days? Are they good?,” said her dad.

“Yeah, but I feel lonely without you, Mom always works. I do not know to whom I should tell my story.”

“Okay, now, Daddy is here, so you can tell all of your stories whatever you want.” Her dad said. They came into home, and then, they talked about many things.

On the Tuesday night, when Ruby cleared up her book, he found the old book again. She took it, and she interested to know whether the content of the books is still the same or not. She opened from page one and there are written words from the page one until page six.

“Death will come to your family,” read Ruby.

“No! Who are you? You are not God,” shouted Ruby.

Her Daddy heard it, and come to her room.

“What happened? Are you okay?.” Ruby looked very scary and trembling.

“No! That book!”

“Book?” said her Dad. “It looks like an antique book from your grandpa’s library. Do you take it from there?”

“He gave it to me. Don’t ask, just read it.” Ruby said nervously.

“Nothing, see?”

“No! I see it consciously. It said that death will come to our family.” Ruby protested.

“OK. It’s only a teenager’s fantasy, just forgot it and go to sleep,” said her dad.

Ruby tried to sleep. Then, she was woke up because of a dream that tells about her grandpa’s dead not because of her desease, but he’s killed. She believed that dream was true. She told her parents about it, but they just thought her child was in a growth time.



Today, Ruby and her family went to beach for vacation. They seemed very enjoy this vacation. They came back to the hotel at night, and this is Tuesday night. Ruby took out all of the things from the bag that she brought. She was shocked to see the old book was there with her.

“I do not bring this book.”

She left that book at the floor, and go to sleep. In the middle night, she’s woke up, and looked at the book. The book was opened by itself one by one. It said,

“Give me your family, if you want to live calmly. If you don’t, all of you will die tonight.”

“You cannot take my family, you cannot take my dad, you cannot take my mom, you cannot take all of us. Go away from me.”

She threw the book out of the hotel, and ran to her parents. No one was there, but there was a piece of paper on bed that said,

“Go to the beach, now.” Ruby dropped her tears and ran fast to the beach.

When he got to the beach, she looked her dad killed her mom. She dropped a thousand tears on her face. Her dad said,

“Come here, we have to die together. We are family, right?”

He caught Ruby’s arm, and he choked her neck.

“No! No! No!, Daddy, I know It’s not you. Go out from my daddy’s body. I do not have any businesses with you. I’ve never bothered you. I do not know you,” shouted Ruby.

An old woman came out from Daddy’s body. After that, Ruby’s Daddy was looked like so weak, and then, he exhaled his last breath. Ruby closed her eyes, and she cried. She said to the old woman,

“I do not have any businesses with you. Why do you bother me? Why do you kill my family? I do not have any businesses with you.”

“But, I have many businesses with Mr. Truman. Your grandma has taken him from me. She took all of happiness in my life,” replaid the old woman.

“ My Grandma never hurts you. My Grandpa married her because he loves her so much. He never loves you,” shouted Ruby.

“You cannot force the man to love you, just because you love him so much. You cannot hurt the others or his family, just because the man didn’t love you. Love is not about desire to have, but it’s about let the other happy with their decision,” continued Ruby.

“You, little slave, You are going to die tonight,” shouted the old woman.

Suddenly, the old book that Ruby has threw away was back again to her hands, and opened by itself and said,

“Throw me to the sea, if you want to be save.” Ruby threw the book to the sea.

Suddenly, the old woman was pulled by water into the middle of the sea, and she disappeared on it.

Now, Ruby lived alone at her house. Her eyes were always full of tears, because she still could not forget all of the things that had just happened to her. She did not want to talk anymore. The old book and the old woman have changed all of her life.


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