My Lovely Nephew

This is my first post on this blog. So, I dedicate it for my lovely nephew named “Ahmad Nafarin Saputra”. Enjoy Reading!

       My nephew’s name is Ahmad Nafarin Saputra. He is already four now. He is the first child of my sister, I mean he is the only one child of her. He is very close to me. We always play together everytime we met. I think he is the most cheerful and humorous little child that I have ever known in my life. He always makes cute jokes which make the whole family laugh.

       His nickname is Nafa, but sometimes we, his family, tease him by calling him ‘Ahmad’. He always get mad when we call him like that. He told us that his name is only ‘Nafarin Saputra’. He doesn’t like to mention ‘Ahmad’ in his name, and I don’t know why.

     He is studying at PAUD (early childhood education) now. He is very excited everytime he goes to school, as long as his mom accompanies him. Later, when he is adult, he told us that he wants to be a police officer. One day, he said to her mom that he wants to be someone who says something like “Stop!”, “Take a turn”, etc. The first time her mom listening to it, she thought that he wants to be a parker, and she shocked. Then, he said no. He clarifies that he wants to be someone who gives direction to others and wears a uniform. Then, her mom realized that he wants to be a police officer. He nodded to her mom as a sign what her mom saying was right. It was really cute and funny story. I always smile and happy when I remember it.

I know this story has so many grammar mistakes, redundant sentences, etc. Please help me to fix it by commenting below. Thank you.


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